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As one of our principal Services, The Nahdat Company, has the ability and experience to provide all administrative support necessary to validate and/or legalize your employees eligible for residency Visa in Kuwait, Oman enabling the employees to work legally in these countries ensuring mission success. Administrative support services include, but are not limited to facilitating application for, processing of, obtaining approval of, and securing the issuance of the following:

  •  Tourist Visa and Commercial Visa will be valid for entry for 90 days of issue and then for a stay of up to 30 days only after entry.
  •  Transfer Work Visa from previous sponsor to The NahdatCompany
  •  Work Visas (Visa 18) : enabling the employees to work in Kuwait as part of the Project workforce which will be valid for 1 or 2 years and renewable.


Nahdat General Trading and Contracting Establishment has made its presence in the market almost two decades ago. Since then we are actively engaged in the field of Contracting, Engineering, HR Services, Computer Information Systems and Leasing of Equipment and Vehicle, in addition to the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering , Construction and Maintenance works. Our Group delivers the best quality products and services to its customers through a highly professional team and by utilizing the best tools in the market to meet its customer’s requirements..

  •  Our continued success is by our commitment to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers.
  •  TWe are committed to achieving best performance and strive for continuous growth and improvement.
  •  We are a company of ideas, committed to applying and developing techniques to create solution that improve environments and enhance human comfort.


We are committed to offer our valuable customers a wide assortment of Portable Cabin. In compliance with international quality standards, all these cabins are widely used to meet the applications of corporate and office establishments. We offer customization facility of the offered range as per clients' requirements.


  •  Withstanding adverse weather condition
  •  Zero maintenance
  •  High strength


Portable toilets provide a very good solution for sanitation problems, especially for the construction and infrastructure industry. In these industries, labour health regulations and adhering to environmental norms are of major concern. Nahdat install and maintain the mobile portable toilets. Nahdat manufacture its own toilet and takes contract for maintaining those toilets.

Portable Toilet maintenance includes:

  •  Maintains all portable toilets in good condition to prevent leaks or spills.
  •  Damaged toilets must be repaired /replaced immediately.
  •   Owner identification and contact information must be effectively displayed in a prominent location on the exterior of each unit.


Water supply systems get water from a variety of locations after appropriate treatment, including groundwater (aquifers), surface water (lakes and rivers), and the sea through desalination.

The water treatment steps include, in most cases, purification, disinfection through chlorination and sometimes fluoridation. Treated water then either flows by gravity or is pumped to reservoirs, which can be elevated such as water towers or on the ground (for indicators related to the efficiency of drinking water distribution see non-revenue water).

Once water is used, wastewater is typically discharged in a sewer system and treated in a sewage treatment plant before being discharged into a river, lake or the sea or reused for landscaping, irrigation or industrial use (see also sanitation).


We offer a broad collection of sophisticated office furniture. You are guaranteed to transform your office into the work place you have always envisioned. We take this one step further and design your offices around an already existing plan. The result: An environment and atmosphere that is both stylish, flexible and upholds functionality.
Give employees the space they need with Wall Panel Systems that carve out personalized workspaces. Whether you use these walls for an office or to divide off the construction site in an airport, they are the perfect solution for virtually any application. They can be custom manufactured with a variety of styles, colors, options and heights to suit almost any application.
Modular office partition walls are inexpensive compared to other standard construction methods. It is less expensive to use a full height modular partition than it is to buy a half height workstation. Demountable wall partitions can be moved or reconfigured as your company’s change requires.


Available with us are modular office furniture that enhances the decor in offices, corporate etc and leaves a mesmerizing appeal. Manufactured as per the industry standards, these are in high demand all across the country and bear the following attractive features:

  •  Superior designs
  •  Lasting finish
  •  Comfortable
  •  Long lasting


NAHDAT distinguishes itself by providing recruitment, resourcing services and total staffing solutions that enhance efficiency and add value to our clients' businesses by developing close working relationships in the spirit of partnering. We strive to fully understand and appreciate our clients' requirements. NAHDAT is not just bringing new hires to you. We go extra step to become a recruitment partner by offering value services that help you to add new skills to enhance your performance to meet your business goals.
NAHDAT is an overseas placement and recruitment consultancy operating world wide. We employ end-to-end solutions to recruit and deploy staff with the requisite skills and attributes to meet your business needs. We are equipped for all types of hiring, including professional, hourly, executive and short term labor services. We assist you in selecting the right people required for your mission and ensure that we will provide the exact resource needed for the profile for better efficiency. Our association with Optima International gives us the advantage of accessing the database which consists of qualified Indian nationals with prior experience in the respective field.

The most prominent features of our services include flexibility, speed and dedication that ensure complete satisfaction for both clients and candidates. Our highly experienced team of experts understands the entire complexities of all those industries; we serve and support high volumes of recruitment administration. We adopt the strategy that goes beyond just filling vacant positions; we offer solutions consisting of efficient and proven processes optimized for business process outsourcing, and deep expertise.

Recruitment Process

Stage 1: Pre-hire
  •  Client Requirements/Job Description
  •  Develop recruiting strategy tailored for client’s needs
  •  ENS Interview and Assessment
  •  Shortlist
  •  Client Interview and Assessment
  •  Selection
  •  Offer Negotiation
Stage 2: Post-hire
  •  Hire
  •  Candidate initial Counseling and Training by ENAS
  •  Pre-employment requirements
  •  Visa Processing
  •  Mobilization and Travel


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