Nahdat General Trading and Contracting Establishment has made its presence in the market almost two decades ago. Since then we are actively engaged in the field of Contracting, Engineering, HR Services, Computer Information Systems and Leasing of Equipment and Vehicle, in addition to the Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering , Construction and Maintenance works.

  Our continued success is by our commitment to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customer’s needs. Our employees are most valuable asset.

We believe in building a cultural inspiration and mutual respect where personal and professional development is encouraged and diversity is celebrate. We are committed to achieving best performance and strive for continuous growth and improvement


This is Why We’re Really Successful in Our Projects and Why We’re the Best Choice for You



Our company is driven by one thing… passion; a passion for design, a passion for website development and a passion for our clients and helping them grow.



We are honest & dependable to our professions. Our experts deliver innovative, efficient & value-driven solutions for customer in our services.



We believe that to stay competitive, the company must learn and improve every day. We always put in extra effort to improve products, services, and anything we do.


Mr.Mathew Koshy

Chairman & MD

On Behalf of Nahdat General Trading and Contracting Establishment, I welcome you with gratitude.

  The current economic times are challenging for our industry. However, within Nahzat , we are rich in employee talent and passion. This talent and passion, combined with our corporate culture of excellence, makes NAHZAT a dynamic, growing, legacy company that continues to thrive in the most challenging economic conditions.

I invite you to review our website and get to know Nahzat. You'll learn about the industry-transforming innovations we've achieved. You'll find a large portfolio of technical offerings and management capabilities.After you've reviewed the depth and breadth of our company, I'm sure you'd be proud to be associated with Nahzat Group.If you have questions, comments, or requests about Nahzat Group please feel free to contact me at

  Our company is organized along the major service lines of Engineering products Sales, General Trading and Leasing services( Car/ Villa/ Flat ) as well as targeted segments of major commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional service lines, to align with our client's needs.  

Mr.Mathew Koshy,


We will perpetuate the firm by: Having the leadership, the right people and financial strength, empowering employees to provide exceptional client service, capitalizing on opportunities to add value, grow and improve the company by being leaders in advancing our professions, industry and communities.

Our Core Values
  •   Honesty and integrity
  •   Exceptional client service
  •   Commitment to quality
  •   Respect for the individual
  •   A safe and enjoyable work environment
  •   Respect for profit
  •   Remaining fiercely private


Name of foreign companies with whom we are having Agency Agreements:

1 Enatel DC Power System New Zealand
2 Enersys Battery France
3 Makpower Battery Canada
4 East UPS China
5 Schneider Electric France


Mathew Koshy

Chairman & MD

Rosily Josephine Rosland

Deputy CEO

Thomas Henry

Vice President

Sudhakara Shetty

Project Director

Hudson Ronald Dale

Project Director

Kunju Jawahar

Snr. Civil Engineer

Vijoy Varkey Vettom

Project Manager

Sherin George

Finance Manager

Laigy Joseph

Access Badge Manager

Prince Varghese

Civil Supervisor

Christus Kuruvila -

Procurement Manager

Mathew Puthumana

HR Manager

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We’re glad to have had the opportunity to work with several famous companies and keep them as our HAPPY CLIENTS till date.