Nahdat Group recognizes Health, Safety and Environment as amongst the paramount important factors to their business activities and is key determinant in their sustainable development.

We,at Nahdat Group are committed in all our projects to:
  •  Ensure safe working environment for all personnel involved,
  •  Prevent injury to personnel and avoid impact on equipment or property and interruptions to operations,
  •  Adopt the necessary measures to prevent/reduce the environmental impacts of all project activities.
  •  Comply with local statutory HSE laws and standards and client safety regulations.
  •  Arrange training and promote awareness among the personnel to develop their HSE knowledge and skills and work in HSE compliant manner.

Implementation Plan:

Nahdat Group shall implement the following safe work practices as mandatory requirements and guidance to achieve the above objectives:

Minimum PPE to be used by personnel:
  •  A Safety Hard –hat ( Helmet)–to prevent or lessen a head injury from falling objects or a person hitting their head against something.
  •  Steel toed Safety shoes – to provide protection for slips, chemical contaminants, static electricity and impact.
  •  Coverall (100% cotton).– to protect against any hazards that might be at the working site such as chemicals, oils, dust and dirt.
  •  Gloves - to protect hands from hazards such as those from skin absorption of harmful substances.
  •  Dust Mask- to protect site workers from the inhalation of the small particulates that can be emitted from work activities. ( Respirators to be used in case of H2S presence)
Safety procedures to be followed strictly:
  •  Work Permit - Only authorized persons shall obtain work permit from designated authority.
  •  Hot work/ Excavation - Proper precautions specified for Hot work/deep excavation & confined space entry shall be adhered to
  •  Risk assessment / Job Safety analysis - to be carried out as required by the nature of the job.
  •  Lock out- Tag out- Procedures shall be strictly followed to prevent injuries that may occur due to accidental energization of the equipment
  •  Multi-lock system - shall be followed when different agencies/crafts are involved in the work
  •  Testing - Qualified and authorized person shall only perform the Electrical tests with proper certified/calibrated test Equipment
  •  Warning Tags - like ‘Danger’- ‘Do not Operate’, ‘Men at work’s hall be used as appropriate.
  •  Voltage detection - Should test every circuit using "live wire detectors” or “High Voltage Stick” etc,every time to verify the absence of voltage before touching/working
  •  Proper training shall be given to employees on all HSE aspects.
  •  Periodical safety meetings will be held for safety performance review.
  •  Reward / Incentive will be given to encourage / promote best safety performance by the employees.
Mr.Sudhakara Shetty

Projects Director
Mr.Mathew Koshy

Managing Director