uninterrupted power supplies

East Power customized products to meet different international standards and specific client requests.

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Our DC power systems are designed to meet the requirements of telecommunications

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FIAMM FGHL battery range is specially designed for high efficient discharge application.

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Distribution transformers change the feeder voltage to utilization voltage required by the consumer.

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We Are Dealing With Supply and Maintenance of 50 KVA to 1200 KVA

DUNS : 534746206 | NCAGE Code : SQH27

Currently we are doing the Major maintenance contract in camp Arifjan and Buehring

  • DFAC Generator maintenance 19KBOS3SC054
  • ASG Generator maintenance 19KBOS3SC030
  • Arifjan power plant Generator maintenance 19KBOS3SC
  • Power plant Generator maintenance RFP 132-037
  • HT/LT Power plant maintenance Camp Buehring 19KBOS3SC055
  • Solar Power maintenance in Camp Buehring 20KBOSSS0034
  • Transformer,UDS and RMU maintenance in Camp Arifjan since 2012 onwards
  • ATS/MTS maintenance in Camp Arifjan since 2012 onwards


There’s no telling when you will actually need your generator, but you will certainly appreciate it when you do. It may have worked perfectly the last time the power went out, but how long ago was that? How do you know that it’s ready to keep powering your home next time? Like most systems working in your home, your generator needs to be serviced by a professional to prevent malfunctions down the road. Don’t you want to be ready for the next outage?

Benefits of Generator Maintenance

It keeps things working smoothly. You have your generator installed to protect your home and appliances in the event of an outage. Because you rely on it during times of unexpected power loss, you want it to be working properly when you need it the most! The last thing you need when you don’t have power is to realize that your generator isn’t working. Routine generator maintenance will guarantee that your system is ready to keep the lights on during an outage or emergency.

You save money. When you have your generator professionally serviced, it saves you money in the long run. Putting off routine maintenance and ignoring issues may save you money short term, but when your generator breaks down and fails to work when you need it most, you’ll be looking at costly repairs that could have been easily avoided.

Helps fueling. Fueling issues are common among generators that aren’t properly maintained. Clogs, dead batteries, and algae buildup are all common power issues that can negatively affect your machine without professional maintenance.

Increased efficiency and longer lifespan. Like any system working in your home, you should want your generator to be working as efficiently as possible. Professional maintenance will help your system function at peak performance. This will help your system work for years to come.

How Nahzat Can Help

Here at Nahzat, we want your generator to be ready to work any time the power goes out. If you purchased a generator system with someone else and require a tune-up or are interested in a prescribed service plan, Reliable Power Systems can service, repair and maintain all major makes and models, and we will be able to provide you with a service plan after a site inspection. Here is a brief description of our basic service plan:

Example Of A Basic Service Plan

2 visits per year complete with the following:

  • Visual inspection, including mechanical and electrical systems
  • Oil and filter change as per manufacturers recommendations
  • Test functionality of generator and transfer switches by simulating a power outage
  • Emergency response time of 24 hours or less
  • Running test under load (1x per year)
  • 5% off any additional non-warranty service work on generator
  • 10% off any electrical service work at you residence or business (this is an added benefit that we can offer through Reliable Electrical Services, Inc.)

Don’t wait until your generator fails – call us today!

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